This vintage, Mid-Century Modern serving/dip platter is a lovely addition to any gathering! We call it “SoCal & Salsa” because this piece just HAD to give its Southern Californian roots some props!

A Note Regarding California Pottery and the “CALIF. USA” markings.

California had a BURST of potters during the early to mid-20th Century thanks to the historical influence of Spanish Settlers and the use of tile, terra cotta and other ceramic materials.

Identifying a CALIF. USA potter marking is darn near impossible! Our research indicates pottery with "Calif. U.S.A." markings were inscribed by various CA potters to indicate the location where they were made vs. the actual potter’s name.

Per Collectors Weekly, "The phrase “California pottery” generally brings to mind the mid-20th-century output of Southern California potteries.” Another article by Vintage Eve's, "There is no company named California Pottery - the name basically tells us where the pottery was made".

We love the way these local potter’s gave credit to where they were located, not to the individual hemselves!


Very rad - indeed!


SoCal & Salsa

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