Where to Find Furniture NOW!

1. Your Own Home. The first place (we tend to overlook) is our own home! Most likely you already have a dresser, coffee table, side table, etc. The Basics Pittsburgh can help you with the refinishing.

2. Friends & Family. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Between friends and family someone is ALWAYS getting rid of something. If you know they’re going to trash, sell or donate – ask for first dibs!

3. Trash Night. Dare I even say?! Seriously though, don’t dismiss this trade secret. People throw away perfectly fine pieces of furniture for the sake of just wanting them gone. Mom calls it junk-picking and it’s one of the cleverest ways to “Go Green” and be more environmentally conscious.

4. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc. There are always, always, always ads from people selling furniture.

5. Salvage & Recycle Centers. We are huge advocates of Construction Junction. It’s located in Pittsburgh East End neighborhood Point Breeze. This is a major warehouse where contractors, and others alike, salvage surplus, secondhand materials, furniture, and other items. Occasionally, you’ll even find brand-new items that may have been ordered or manufactured incorrectly in which its rendered useless to the original owner – thus it ends up here!

6. Garage & Estate Sales. These are great places to find furniture! The warmer months are typically Garage Sale season, so keep your eyes peeled closer to the spring. Estate Sales on the other hand can be found year-round.

7. Let Us Shop for You! We love to refinish furniture. If searching for something isn’t “your thing”, reach out and we’ll do it for you!

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