Comfy Fall Nights on a Dime!

October is well underway here in Pittsburgh, PA!

It's been a gorgeous Autumn so far. A glowing sun casts warm colors over the horizon. Light breezes whisk away the vibrant, changing leaves. And the smells - oh my goodness - the smells are those only the fall can provide. I love the outdoors! Especially now. Heck, even in the dead of winter, I'll make a fire in the early afternoon just to get some sunlight on face! So, when it comes to this time of year, I try very hard to keep our backyard ready for year-round living.

Here are 5 super simple (& cheap) things you can do to add coziness and warmth to your outdoor living space!


MASON JAR CANDLE HOLDERS How easy (and so stinkin' cute) are these DIY candle holders! Fill a jar with pea gravel - or something of the sort - and add a candle for a lovely evening outdoors.


BLANKETS We all have blankets we bring out during the fall & winter months. And, there is nothing comfier than curling up on a chair, wrapped in a soft blanket near an outdoor firepit. Never done it - give it a whirl! And, speaking of a fire pit...


DIY STACKED NATURAL STONE FIREPIT Natural stone like these gems below are often given away for FREE or sold at a VERY LOW PRICE when homeowners have an old wall torn down and new one built. Check out FB Marketplace or your other thrifty online go-to's for folks getting rid of old stone. Then just stack the stone (make sure it's sturdy), throw in some logs and you've got yourself a place to hang out and entertain family & friends till the spring!


DIY WOOD RACK You can't have a fire without wood. And, whether you chop it yourself or you purchase from a retailer, it needs to be stored properly. We like Firewood Fellas when we run out of chopped. Using newly purchased or scrap wood + a few cement blocks, you can construct a dry space for your wood to live - for next to nothing!


STRING LIGHTS What better time of year to utilize string lighting than now! String lights throw off more light than most realize, making it easy (and more welcoming) to take the party outside long after the temps drop. Even better, put them on a timer for effortless ambience.


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