Pittsburgh General Maintenance Services

It's not uncommon for things that truly need tended to (or updated) around your home or business to fall to the wayside. Sometimes folks are just super busy running a business or their household. Other times, they just don't know who to call.

Whatever the reason, The Basics Pittsburgh offers general maintenance & repair services to local neighbors and business owners.

Here are our TOP 6 General Maintenance Services. And why they're so important!

GARBAGE DISPOSALS. When broken or malfunctioning, unless you are diligent about catching ALL food scraps before they go down the sink, there is a much higher likelihood of drain clogs. Like - much higher!

TOILETS. Dad joke alert. "Is you're toilet running? You better go catch it"! Funny joke, not so funny for your water bill. Not to mention, a leaky toilet can wreck havoc on your bathroom floor from a structural or sanitary perspective!

SINKS. This service is common when clients want an instant bathroom refresh without the cost of a bathroom remodel. It's also common when sinks are cracked - which is a MUST for replacement.

FAUCETS. Most of the time when sinks are updated, so are the faucets. In other cases, folks just want to update their older faucets for efficiency purposes. DID YOU KNOW? Older faucets can use 3-5 gallons of water per minute, while newer ones use 2.5 gallons/minute - if not less!

LIGHT FIXTURES. Light fixture replacements are necessary for aesthetic and functional purposes. LED lighting is a cost savings and new fixtures help elevate your home or business space!

SHELVING. Many of our customers want to make use of underused wall space for - again - functional and aesthetic purposes. Business owners need a lot of shelf space when dealing with product displays. Homeowners need it for organization in home offices, closets, kids rooms, play spaces - you name it!

If you are a Pittsburgh homeowner, property manager or business owner in need of any General Maintenance & Repair, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact The Basics Pittsburgh for all your Pittsburgh general maintenance and repair needs!

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