Our House...Is Where I Wanna Be.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

When I think of our house, I think of the 1983 Talking Heads song: This Must Be the Place. If you’ve never heard it - take a listen. It is a song that immediately puts a smile on my face, makes me start bopping my shoulders, and transports me back to our home – our little slice of Earth. IT'S PART OF THE FAMILY Our house is not just our home, it’s a part of our family.

To us - it’s a living, breathing thing.

It has memories.

It evolves.

It’s been around much longer than us.

Our home has seen happy times – it’s equally been a part of the worst.

Our house was the first thing that greeted us the moment we brought our children home – and its floors were the last place our cherished dog laid his head.

​There were times we considered moving – and it felt terribly wrong. In the “pit of your stomach” wrong. How could we just abandon this place? Just replace it – as if it had no choice in the matter? As the saying goes, "Goonies never say die"!

So. with our house in mind - we stayed!

LITTLE BY LITTLE. Over time our ideas about our home changed.

Styles changed. Life changed. Finances change.

We had to get creative, we had to do most of it on our own and we had to a follow a budget – a serious budget.

This is why we created The Basics Pittsburgh. We know everyone can’t just get up and move for more space. We also know that those who can move quickly – maybe don’t know how to replace a light fixture or change a light switch.

Not everyone who stays can figure out how to maximize their space. And not everybody might feel like their new "home" is a true representation of who they are.

That's where we come in! HANDYMAN & CREATIVE SERVICES Our HANDYMAN SERVICES page states, “It's OK to say you can't do something, you don’t have the time, or -quite frankly – you don’t want to”.

And we mean that.

I overheard someone once say, “We work to buy time”. Pretty profound statement, right? You should spend your time how you want to. And if its not learning how to do the basics around the house – so be it! Salute!

From the CREATIVE SERVICES aspect, we have spend hours, days, months -reimagining the space in our home. Making it fit us - as we've grown as family and our needs changed.

We have also repurposed, upcycled & refinished countless things, in a way to nurture our innate love for art, reinventing and breathing new life into items otherwise considered junk – old – unusable.

It’s also been a way we’ve been able to create interesting items – items that ultimately became the focal points to the various spaces within our home. ***

Our house is still growing - till this day! As we write this, we're still wondering how we could use the space better.

It will continue to grow - long after we are gone.

And whether you are thinking of staying or looking for some place new – we are here to help you conquer the basics, reimagine a space or thing you otherwise weren’t sure about - all in the hopes your house grow into a home.

Your Home.

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