Living Walls + Good Vibes

What is it about the outdoors that is so darn appealing? I personally CRAVE being outside.

The visuals. Greenery. Big puffy clouds.

The sounds. Birds chirping. Swaying trees. Kids playing.

The feelings. The heat (or chill) on my skin.

The smells. Sunblock. Campfires.

When we revamped our backyard last month (READ: DIY Backyard Overhaul) we wanted to finish what we started last year. We had previously began to create a private, but welcoming space capturing all the things we love about nature!

But, how does one create a private space - on a budget - and without it seeming too closed in?

Here it goes!


Last year we started think about how to create a wall to separate our backyard from our neighbors driveway. And to be clear - we adore our neighbors! We just wanted a definitive area for hanging out. Which we do - a lot!

So, last year we built a Freestanding Fence using 5 wooden posts and lattice. It was a days work - and physical - but feasible for 2 people to complete. This allowed for us to create a "wall" without having to spend a ton! Tips on this, just reach out.

But, it NEEDED some dressing up! So we wanted to further create a "Living Wall" .


Adding a Freestanding Fence is a chance to create a Living Wall, thus incorporate vertical gardening. Doing so helps fill in the gaps of the lattice. And, its pretty!

In our case, we kept it simple - we planted Ivy. Admittedly, a Living Wall will take some time to fill in, but Ivy is a fast climber and you can train it to climb however you'd like.

Additionally, and to help extend the "wall", we filled the space on both sides of the fence with Ornamental Trees. We chose Arborvitaes because it created an instant barrier, added some dimension, they don't shed foliage & they're green all-year round!

All said and done, this took only one year to get the growth you see below.



While this isn't the best photo (I quickly put up the movie screen for a pic for this blog), we use the wall for outdoor movie night!

From kid flicks to live concerts via #quello , we have a lot of fun with family and guests!


We love music. My husband is a musician. Even 60 years after the #thebeatles our kids can decipher John from Paul. If you are at my house - there is music playing. Always.

We decided to purchase dual iLive Speakers from Home Depot, which are solar-powered, Bluetooth capable and play in-stereo. GREAT PURCHASE!

Adding lighting was easy with solar powered Hampton Bay string lights. And while they were pricier than a normal set of string lights, they put off a ton of light, turn on & off automatically, and cost nothing to use! Harness the Sun!

The music and lighting REALLY sets the mood!

Overall, the Freestanding Fence + Living Wall was a great addition to our backyard. It creates a serene, private area for family and friends alike!

Any questions about this space, email us at:

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