Get Ahead of the Seasonal Blues

Today was Labor Day in Pittsburgh! And to mark the “unofficial” end of summer – it rained! Literally, the greater part of the day was wet, cloudy and gloomy.

We were all pretty bummed out.

And while I have made peace with the end of summer, this was a subtle reminder the change to fall will bring less sunlight to Pittsburgh. And YES, there are 100’s of things to look forward to. The change of leaves. Festivals. Crisp, cool air. Firepits. The holidays. Reasons to gather. Seasonal décor.

But that's the thing! All these things - especially seasonal décor - are temporary. So how do we keep a "cheery" house for the quite literal next 6 months in Pittsburgh?


In homes around the U.S. , our home décor trends during the fall and winter, tend to incorporate a fusion of nostalgic, rustic vibes. Deeper tones. Darker woods. A “log cabin feel”, so to speak. But over time - the lack of brightness, or lack of sunlight begins to weigh on people.

However, our friends in the classically, winter-laden Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway & Sweden do quite the opposite. Scandinavian design is always very light, airy and quite bright.


Because, our friends in Northern Europe may only see 6 hours of sunlight a day during their winter season! In order to combat the serious lack of daylight - a leading cause of seasonal depression, Scandinavian design brings a bright vibe to an otherwise challenging and long winter. Design ideas, I must add, that make for an easy way to fill in with the nostalgic seasonal fall & winter holiday décor we crave! But - that's a conversation for another day.

So if you battle the occasional Winter blues or experience full-blown seasonal depression, while we're not qualified to provide mental health advice, we do know that there are theories behind how color affects motion and action.

So go on! Get ahead of the seasonal blues today!

  • Natural wood

  • White & neutral tones

  • Pops of bright color

  • Light blues

  • Light greens

  • Artwork

  • Natural textures & fibers

  • Lights overhead & accent

  • Light-colored curtains

  • Houseplants (Also read our Houseplant blogs Houseplants on a Dime & Happy Little Houseplants.)

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