Dedicating August to (Slowly) Getting Back on Track.

When it comes to summer ending, I try really hard to NOT get bummed out!

Summer is a time to feel less tied down. Less controlled by the rigorous work week, school year, and so on. The summer is for getting outside more. Working in the yard. Sitting on the patio, teaching the kids about good music: Kacey Musgraves / Sublime / The Marcus King Band.

Photo Credit: Dakota Roos

But by August, the nighttime crickets sound their seasonal alarm, reminding us: Summer is in it's final transition. A reminder to reel it in a bit. Get more organized, more structured. And as much as I hate to see the summer end, I crave the idea of getting life back in order.

If you’re like us, you’ve been ignoring the house. Letting things pile up. Throwing things in the corner.

And enjoying every minute of it.

That is why I like to dedicate these last few weeks of August to getting our life back on track. Taking it slow. Allowing the transition to happen naturally. So when summertime does finally end, it doesn’t end so abruptly.

Here are 10 Tips to Get Organized for the Fall.

  1. Buy a chalkboard Calendar. I am a visual person. I need to “see” what’s coming up. Change, add and erase as you go.

  2. Focus on one room at a time. Start slow. Taking on too much at once often leads to getting nothing done at all.

  3. Reorganize your pantry and home office. Things should be easy to find. Add more shelving if necessary.

  4. Toss out the junk mail and old papers. You (likely) don’t need any of it!

  5. Redd up, ahem, clean out the garage! So much wasted space! More storage anyone?

  6. Go through clothes. Donate. Toss. Make rags from the rest!

  7. Wash coats, beanies, scarves etc. I hear it already, “Calm down with all this cold weather talk Renee"! But we must face it, Pittsburgh weather can change on a dime. Wash now and when it flips on you – just grab and go.

  8. Tackle the junk drawer. All those stray batteries though!

  9. Wash your fort blankets. What? We have 4 kids who love to sleep in the basement during the summer. They also like to build forts. I admit on most days, I toss them right back in the storage bin (the blankets, not the kids!). Now’s a good time to give them a refresh and put a few of those extra blankets away.

  10. Remember it’s not over – just yet. Seriously, take your time to enjoy what’s left of August.

And when it comes to the bigger stuff you’ve been sitting on - like light fixtures, shelving, and so on - please reach out to The Basics Pittsburgh for help!

Now does us a favor and get out there and enjoy the rest of summer before it’s too late!

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