Back to Basics: People Helping People.

Updated: Jul 27

Hello Neighbor, It’s Renee from The Basics Pittsburgh! I am writing to (re)introduce ourselves and give you the inside scoop on the “why” and “what” we do at The Basics Pittsburgh.

After moving into a 1950’s Cape Cod, my husband Bill and I spent the last 12 years updating it in one way or another. So much so, it inspired us to establish a handyman business!

As you continue reading, we hope our little backstory helps explain how we got to where we are – today.


For us, it was three toilets. We needed a new light fixture (rather, all new light fixtures). A more efficient showerhead (because the old one leaked). And when you own a home, eventually you’ll need a bigger (or smaller) sink. And maybe a new faucet to go with it. Heck we’ve had to replace our garbage disposal, because as a new homeowner, your's truly put everything down the drain!

There were times we had to remove wallpaper. There were times we installed wallpaper. We capitalized on wasted space in our pantry by adding 10 massive shelves for food & storage. In our home - there is no space to waste. We’ve hung artwork, mirrors, curtain rods, towel racks. We built a reclaimed wood wall because our basement needed some TLC. And created a faux fireplace in our bedroom, because gosh darn it - I wanted one! We’ve assembled mostly every table, chair, bed, crib, free-standing closet, desk and storage cube system you’ll see in our home. And we painted every single room – some more than once.

There were times we’ve had to do what many do – call someone. And my Dad happens to be a retired Master Carpenter, so when we needed some expert expertise, he’s the first one we'd call!

And over time, we became handier. And we began to help other people! Aunts and uncles, parents, neighbors. We chipped in where people needed it. People helping people! What a concept!

And we thought – why aren’t we doing this for more people! So that’s what we did.

THE BASICS PITTSBURGH, EST. 2021. At The Basics Pittsburgh, we specialize in general home maintenance services. And we recently expanded our services to retail & commercial spaces because it turns out, business owners and property managers - even interior designers - need help with general maintenance services too.

So, to our Pittsburgh friends, neighbors and fellow business owners, we are here to help you with all your General Maintenance needs. We encourage you to check out our Handyman Services page or simply reach out directly to We hope to hear from you soon!

Renee & Bill Hrezo Founders, The Basics Pittsburgh

The Basics Pittsburgh is a proud woman-owned, family business. Please be sure subscribe to our Blog and follow us on FB and Instagram for recent projects, tips and other fun posts! And thank you for the support!

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