Bill and Renee Hrezo


Let us begin by saying, Bill and I are so grateful you stopped by.

We are a husband-and-wife team offering handyman services and carefully-curated home décor to the great people of Pittsburgh, PA. 

The Basics Pittsburgh is a business that grew within the walls of our home. To us, our home is like a living thing – constantly changing, ever-evolving. And over the last 15 years we’ve had to think creatively with our space, replace almost everything AND learn how to do it all on our own.


With that said, we were never really alone...

Bill & Renee are lifelong residents of The South Hills!
If you live here, you may know them!

Like many of you, we come from a long line of men & woman who made things from scratch, pinched every penny, and made every dollar count.

There were the men who worked in the trades 
craftsmen - laying foundations, building houses, installing roofs.

And there were the women – the homemakers – who literally made their homes. They sewed their own pillows, refinished furniture, and put the finishing touches on every square inch of their home.

​And over time, each of our family’s generation's DNA became more and more ingrained with the abilities to dream, plan, execute & create

The Basics Pittsburgh is dedicated to all of those who came before us.


Mom, Circa 1963